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    Improving Follow Up for Failed Hearing Screenings

    Nearly one-half of infants screened for hearing loss at birth are lost to follow-up or lost to documentation, and close to one-third of babies diagnosed with hearing loss are not documented as having entered intervention.

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Featured Story

Kisha Greenidge-Kader and her family

Why I Participate by Parent Partner Kisha Greenidge-Kader

Kisha Greenidge-Kader, an advocate and mother of three, shares her story of working with NICHQ to improve follow-up care for children who fail their newborn hearing screening.

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Featured Resource

Action Kit for Audiologists

Improving Follow-Up After Newborn Hearing Screening

Compiling innovations and strategies tested by Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) teams who participated in the NICHQ-led Improved Hearing Screening and Intervention Services (IHSIS), the kit offers solutions for engaging families and enrolling newborns in early intervention services.

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