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  • Newborn Hearing Screening Infographic thumnail

    Lost in the System Newborn Hearing Screening Infographic

    In this NICHQ infographic entitled Lost in the System, we take a closer look at how some children who fail their newborn hearing test fail to get follow-up care.

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  • Enhancing Communication - Newborn Hearing

    Enhancing Communications Report

    A report that details a framework for improving follow-up for infants who fail newborn hearing screening tests.

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  • Newborn Hearing Screening Tools for Providers

    Newborn Hearing Screening Tools for Providers

    A collection of tools and resources for care providers, designed to improve the system of care for all newborns with possible hearing loss. Includes screening communication templates and forms, audiologic diagnostic forms, early intervention (EI) forms, and more.

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  • Newborn Hearing Test

    Newborn Hearing Screening Tools for Parents

    A collection of newborn hearing screening tools and resources for care providers to share with parents, designed to help parents understand their child's hearing exam and results, and developmental hearing and speech milestones and to provide families with a hearing loss roadmap.

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  • Action Kit for Audiologists

    Improving Follow-Up After Newborn Hearing Screening

    An action kit on improving follow-up care for newborns.

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