Newborn Hearing Screening Tools for Parents

Tools for providers to share with parents about newborn hearing screening and hearing loss.

Newborn hearing screening results can be confusing for parents. They will have many questions, and they may not understand the importance of follow-up screening. These resources are designed to help parents understand their child's hearing exam and results, learn about child developmental hearing and speech milestones and to provide families with a roadmap when their child has been diagnosed with hearing loss.

Screening Brochures
Can Your Baby Hear? Your Baby's First Hearing Screening (NE)

Parent Roadmap: The Path through Screening, Diagnosis and Intervention

Early Intervention (EI)

Parent Survey

These resources were developed as part of the "Improving Follow-Up to Newborn Hearing Screening by Working Through the Medical Home" project, which was conducted by the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) in collaboration with Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB) and National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM). The project focused on strengthening relationships between all stakeholders in the continuum of care for infants who did not pass the newborn hearing screening and their families.

Source: NICHQ, Learning Collaborative Teams
Published Date: 2012

Newborn Hearing Test